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Father's Day Projects

Create this fun "mock" bait box.  It is made out of a 7" square paper mache' box that was purchased at Walmart.  It is simply covered with a wood patterned paper.  The "Bait" jars are old baby food jars that have been filled with goodies such as swedish fish, gummy worms, and gold fish crackers.  Click on the photo to download the instructions and labels.  TIP:  The Labels were printed on a solid olive green paper.  Just cut down a 12X12 solid sheet to 8.5X11 and run it through your printer.  The first page is just instructions so you can print that on white.  The labels are on the 2nd and 3rd page.

These Retro soda bottles were created out of an old 6 pack of IBC soda bottles.  Take Dad back to a time when "Father Knew Best".  Fill each jar with his favorite goodies.  Simply click on the photo to download the instructions and project pieces.  Tip:  print onto off-white paper.  Linen or textured cardstock looks the best.

Give Dad a gift he can use out on the course.  Create this adorable golf score card matchbook.  Each score sheet has a fun quote just for dad.  Simply click on the photo to download the instructions and project pieces.  Tip:  Print on off-white paper for best results.
Dad is "T"-rrific!  Let him know just how much.  Create this fun golf tee jar out of an old Ragu' sauce jar and fill it with golf tees that have little messages written on the sides of each tee.  For the instruction sheet simply click on the photo.  Tip: project shown was printed on off-white paper.

It's Here!  Kids Summer Crafts e-booklet


Fight summer boredom with fun summer kid's crafts.  My  e-book is now available for download with over fun easy-to-do projects (simply click on the logo to the right).  Patterns and Templates will also be included for free download, by either clicking on the tab at the top of the page or clicking the logo below.  If you'd like to watch the "Kid's Crafts" segment that appeared on Studio 5 simply scroll down. Also, if you have any great kid's projects you'd like to share, let me know.  I am already working on a second edition. 

Instructions and patterns for Kid's Crafts

To download the projects with pattern pieces simply click on the logo to the right or the tab at the top of the page "kid's crafts".  When you click on the desired project it will pull up an Adobe file that can be printed.  The pieces are on the instructions.  Tip: You may want to set your printer to the highest print quality and print on mat photo paper or cardstock for improved quality.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 



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Mother's day patent leather faux crocodile mini album purse

Create this adorable mini album for your mom this mother's day.  It is created from a patent leather faux crocodile coupon purse that fits journal cards upto 5X7.  You can purchase the purse in either black or white at:  (if they are out of stock and you are still interested, please just send me an email at  To download the printable tabs, journal cards, and extra embellishments simply click on the photo.  The tabs and journals are custom made to fit this particular accordion album.  If you require smaller cards you can download 4X6 cards by clicking on the photo below.

4X6 cards (optional if you require a smaller journal card)


If you are not purchasing the faux crocodile purse pictured above or if you require smaller journal cards you can download this file by clicking on the photo. File contains 12 different journal cards.

Garden Planning Journal


Spring is here!  Use this handy journal to carefully plan and record all of your gardening.  In includes a calendar to make your planting schedule, a garden planning grid to plan your flower beds, a supply list, a photo log section so you can record stats as well as photos to watch the growth of your plants, and it also contains a notes section to record tips and future plans.  Simply click on the photo to down-load these printable instructions that include index labels and tabs.  These instructions include the fronts of the insert pages.  If you choose to do double-sides pages then simply download the file below.

Garden Journal (backs) If you are doing double-sided insert sheets


Simply follow your printer instructions for doing double sided sheets.  Feed the front copies through the printer again to print the backs.

Easter Egg Decorating Kit

I love starting new traditions!  This is a fun way to collect memories each year.  This box contains everything you need to decorate eggs and a journal that you can record your memories.  It contains a plastic table cover, an egg drying tray, coloring cups for egg dye, a smock for each child, glitter crayons, and a canister with various items to make unique easter eggs, such as rubber-bands and stickers.  The journal is made from a simple 4X6 photo book that is available at most dollar stores.  Simply cover the front with desired Easter patterned paper,  Each year take a photo and on the opposite page fill out an Easter Journal card provided below. Click on the photos to view a larger image.

Create this adorable Easter smock to protect your little ones clothes.  Simply cut a circle at the top of a flour sack dish cloth (slightly larger than child's head).  then sew ribbing round the hole.  Use fabric scraps to create a chick or Easter eggs.  Top it off with some ribbon or some rick-rack.

Top of box.  Painted Wooden "E" and small wooden eggs.  Punch holes in the top of the eggs and thread onto wire to create garland then wrap around the "E".

   Click on the image to download 8 4X6 journal cards

Repurpose/Recycle.  Here are just a few ideas for thinking outside of the box.  The best part of creating is making something beautiful out of nothing.

Create piggy banks using old Crystal Light containers.  Simply cover with decorative paper I used a Basic Gray Collection, cut a slit in the top, and attach a label to the front.

This Button storage jar was created from an empty plastic nut container.  I simply used the Crop-a-dile eyelet setter to attach a bookplate to the front and then added some decorative paper to the lid

To create a decorative charging station find a desired box or trunk.  I used a make-up caddy that I purchased from TJ Max.  You could also use a paper mache' box and cover it with decorative paper.  Cut a hole in the back and in the top of the tray for the cords. 

Make this whimsical pin cusion by using an old zink canning lid and some scrapfabric.  Simply cut a circle out of the fabric slightly larger than the lid.  Baste stitch around the edge.  Fill with stuffing and pull tight.  Then hot glue to the bottom of the lid.  Attach a flower if desired.

Use an empty Bear Creek Soup can to create an adorable gift abasket.  Use the Crop-a-dile eyelet setter to punch holes on the side. Then attach a heavy gauge wire through the holes for a handle and attach ribbon.  If desired use the Crop-a-dile to attach the book plate to the front. (from Basic Grey)

Create decorative gift tags using the bulk bag tags found at the grocery store.  Simply  cover with decorative paper.  I dove into my old stash and used the Easter Collection from AMM

Instead of tossing your children's old board books, cover them with patterned paper and use them to create personalized mini books.


Click on the photo below to learn how to make this Craft Apron from a $.077 tool belt from Home Depot.

Finding Inspiration at the Office Supply Store
Click on the Following Printable fabric, Clear Labels, and transparencies to
 create your own custom scapbook embellishments.
  Just click on the photos to print the design shown.


Finally I am about ready to launch my new site next month.  I am so excited.  It will be completlely searchable  by project or theme and downloads will be easier (and yes still free).  Thank you for being so patient.  This site hasn't been as user friendly as I would have liked and I've just been temporarily using it until I can launch the real one.  So, thank you. I'd love to hear any ideas or requests that you have for web-features or projects.  You can email me with questions or comments at  Thanks agan. Please see my Jan. 9th Blog Post for more info.

Epoxy Jewelry- Great inexpensive girlfriend gifts!


click on the photo to download instructions to start making your very own customized epoxy jewelry. There are several bonus bottlecap designs to get you started.  Epoxy is fairly easy to work with and gives any project a glossy professional finish.  Not only can you create jewelry but you can also epoxy the tops of the gift boxes as well.   For an amazing how to video visit the following site:  If you have any questions please contact me at 

A Circle Journal Between Me & You

What is a Circle Journal?  A circle journal is a mini album that is passed from one person to another.  When it is completed it goes back to the origninal person . . . thus creating a circle.  Usually they are based on a particular theme or question.  When the album is complete it is an amazing collection of inspiration from various people that you may or may not know depending on who the album has been passed to.  I love circle journals and I wanted to create one with all of my on-line friends.  So . . . here we go.  Click on the photo to download a template.  The question for this circle journal is ""What I know now that I wish I knew Then" .  I love hearing inspiring life lessons from others and I am so excited for you to participate with this album.   Just follow the directions, scan it, and email it to me at  I will add them to the above album as I receive them.  Check back and you can view the completed album right here.

50 Journaling Tips

One of the biggests complaints I hear about scrapbooking is "I hate Journaling".  Journaling can be the most tricky part of your layout but it is also the most important.  The challenge can stem from hating your handwriting, uncertainty as to where to place it on your page, or perhaps not knowing what to write about.  Click on the photo to download a tip sheet with 50 various ideas to inspire your journaling.

Photo Log Book


For those of us that carry a camera with us everywhere we go, there are times that we may snap a random photo because of some bit of inspiration we felt at that moment.  However, often when we go back to scrapbook the photo we've forgotten our thoughts or feelings at that exact moment.  Use this photo log book to record the photo number as well as a brief description.  Just click on the photo to download

Free Printable Journal Cards


Click on the photo to download free printable journal cards

Oops! corrections for Family Planner

Oops!  Someone brought it to my attention that the June Calendar for my Family/Planner has an Easter Egg logo.  Sorry.  That is what happens when you post instructions at 3 a.m. lol.  (thanks Tiffany!)  Click on the photo to the left to download a corrected June Calendar.  Thanks.

Family Planner/Journal


Start the year off right with this "make it your-self" customized planner. Plan and journal at the samer time.  Capture all of your memories on the go.  To down load the project instructions and printable pages click on the photo.  If you choose to do double sided insert sheets click on the link below.  Simply print off the instructions and then run the selected pages back through your printer for the back pages. 

Download for the backside of the planner pages above (optional)


If you choose to do double-sided planner pages, simply click on the photo to download the backside.  Run the selected pages that you printed from the planner download back through your printer for the backsides.

Family Journal Pocket Calendar

Click on the photo to download the instructions for this one-of-a-kind Calendar.  Add photos as the year goes on,  Each month has a hidden pocket (under the photo) with a journal card that pulls out (journal cards are included in the instructions.  All of the paper and embellishments are from Fancypants Designs WHICH IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES.  I love their stuff.  You can check it out at For a fun add ons and month titles -you can also download the Calender stickers below.

Clear Calendar Stickers


Use these fun Calendar stickers and titles to embellish your calendar.  Simply print on Avery full size clear label paper (available at any office supply store) to create your own clear stickers.  Simply click on the photo to download.

NEW!!! Neighbor Gifts Under $3

Christmas Journal


Whether you are creating this for yourself or as a gift it is truly a treasure to be cherished year after year.  Use it to record your favorite memories from Christmas.  Include guest lists, gift lists, memories, and photos.  Each year as you can read back and reflect on Christmas' of the past.  The instructions include printable pieces to complete your project.  Just click on the photo.

"Santa I've been . . ." door Hanger


Create this "Santa, I've been . . ." meter.  Click on the photo to download the instructions.  This adorable wooden door hanger has an adjustable arrow to point to "good" or "bad".  Makes a great gift by itself. or tie onto a bottle of non-alcoholic champaign.  The instructions include printable pieces for this project

Christmas Coasters


Create these Christmas coasters from $0.14 ceramic tiles.  Simply create 4" block patterns out of coordinating christmas paper, adhere on tiles, and use a water-proof gloss to finish.  For Complete instructions simply click on the photo.

Tin Christmas Tree Wall Hanging


Create this adorable wall hanging out of sheet metal.  Yes . . . I said sheet metal like the kind you get from Home Depot.  For less than $3.00 and only moments you can create a one of a kind gift for your closest friends and family that can be enjoyed for Christmas seasons to come.  Click on the photo to download the instructions

Christmas Ornament Ideas . . .

Advent Ornaments . . .The 12 days of Christmas


Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by creating these fun advent ornaments.  Simply click on the photo to download and print the instructions and number pieces.  I found the pockets for these ornaments at the Boy Scout office (used for merit badges).  They work perfectly!  Decorate the front with pattern paper and the number pieces included in the instructions.  Slip an activity card, story, poem, etc. in the back pocket.  Count down to Christmas, by selecting the number and complete the activity in the pocket.

Vintange Wooden Mini Ornaments


Go back to Christmas past. Create these mini vintage wooden ornaments.  Simply click on the photo to download and print the instructions and vintage pieces.  Decorate a small storage box to create a unique inexpensive gift.

New Projects for November!


As Seen on Studio Five.Create this fun mini-tag album to record the things you are most thankful for.  Simply click on the picture to download the template and instructions.  Adhere to your favorite scrapbook paper.  The "Peasant Collection" from We R Memory Keepers is the pattern paper shown.


As Seen on Studio Five.  Create this fun Pumpkin place card holder by forming a small pumpkin shape out of polymer (sculpty clay).  Carve the line indentations with a butterknife or other carving instrument.  Insert a small twig for the stem.  Use floral wire to create a tall stem that twists into a circular swirl at the top (like a cinnamon roll).  The Place card will fit into the twist.  You can also wrap short lenths of the floral wire around a thin paintbrush to make curled stems.  Click on the photo to download the printable placecards.  Place the guests name on the top and leave the bottom blank for each guest to record the things that they are most thankful for.


As seen on Good Things Utah.Create a simple “sign in” book for your next Thanksgiving get together.  On one page include each person’s photo and on the other side have them fill out the card that is included in these instructions. Decorate as desired using the Coppered Out paper kit which includes patterened  paper, solid paper, die cuts, and alpahbet stickers.  Mat the quotes included, with pattered paper and place on the Left hand side of each photo page. Click on the photo for templates and instructions.