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What a blog entry with no picture . . . . long story . . . grab the tissues lol.  So, this has been a very eventful and by "eventful" I mean pretty crappy year lol.  But  being the "Forever Optimist" I will just share a couple things that might be helpful to others so SOMETHING good can come from it.  In a nutshell earlier this year my desktop computer crashed . . . not to worry I had all of my photos backed up on an external hard-drive.  Well, a couple of weeks ago my external hard-drive crashed.  Not to worry . . . I had them on my laptop.  So, I bought a small portable external hardrive and transfered my pics onto that (LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT IT DID NOT TRANSFER ALL OF THE FILES ).  Not to worry they were still on my laptop right?  Well I decided to play it safe and create an on-line backup I tried Carbonite . . . check it out and let them know I refered you.  Well, the first backup takes several days.  On day two, I paused it so I could go up to Salt Lake with my husband.  He had court (he's an attorney) and I brought my laptop so I could get some work done.  Afterwards we went to lunch.  While we were at lunch someone came running in and said . . ."Hey do you have a white Escalade"  I was thinking "If you door dinged my brand new car your dead lol"  Well, I could only have wished that is what happened.  As it turns out someone decided to do a "Smash and Grab".  They smashed out my rear passenger window and stole my lap top, my husbands laptop, a bunch of camera equipment, my beloved i-pod, and my husbands wedding ring.  NOT TO MENTION OTHER VARIOUS THINGS."  Well, long story short, most of those things can be replaced.  However, guess what can't be?  All of my photos.  Yes the same photos I thought I had backed up on my smaller external drive.  The same photos that I was in the process of backing up on-line.  GONE!!!!!!  I am so sad that I could cry but it wouldn't do any good.  So, instead I will just give a little warning to everyone else out there.  External hard-drives are fine but it's not a matter of "IF" they will crash it is "WHEN" so please back up all of your photos with an on-line backup service such as Carbonite.  A sad sad tale I know lol.

Ann Tutje
1/4/2009 01:23:20 am

Thank goodness neither of you were involved with this misfortunate event! Have you thought of putting some type of ad in the paper to plead with the person that you had photos in your laptop that are priceless! I know a long shot, but just a thought. Do you have pawn shops close by that you could check out or in neighboring areas? With your hubby being an attorney, he might have access to that type of information. I know it doesn't completely heal the wounds of losing your items, but just some ideas. My hubby is a CFO in Chicago & they had a rash of this happening in broad daylight, including his own company vehicle. Luckily all that was taken was his Garmin which was replaceable. It's crazy what people will do when they are desperate! They checked surveillance cameras as well so that could be another idea.
My heartfelt thoughts are with you & I hope something will come about to change the circumstances for you!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

1/8/2009 10:17:46 pm

That is so wrong. How do people live with themselves. I hope something good comes out of this someday soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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